January, 2021

The Gross Value Added of Ambling is a film created in Coventry towards the end of 2020 - an experiment in collaboration between Alan Van Wijgerden and Adele Mary Reed who both use walking in their prolific daily photography practices to make repeated observations of the same place over time. They both value analogue processes, an opportunity to create a mark in time where we otherwise would not upon the civic cement.

The film includes a performative exchange penned by Wijgerden and Reed, highlighting the opposing sensibilities and interests of the artist and the capitalist, at a point when our city centre of Coventry undergoes huge redevelopments at the cost of much of its celebrated post-war architecture.

The film is composed of Super8 Kodak Ektachrome 64T footage and 35mm film photographs shot by both Wijgerden and Reed in Coventry throughout 2020.

03:48 duration.