April, 2022

Untethered Fairytale is a rumination and keepsake over encounters with the floating library artwork RV Furor Scribendi by Studio Morison in both Coventry and Lancashire. The film traces her shifting, subjective themes and the waves of literary sweetness felt via inhabiting the boat and exploring her multi-faceted opportunities. It is a collection of Super8 footage, analogue photography, journal entries, seminal texts, and reflections from artist and captain Heather Peak.

I was there for the summer - an archetypal summer fling - sometimes painful, unsettling, always moreish, delicious, curious, unknown. There was always so much more to find but she isn’t meant for that, for finding. She floats on, dreaming in light murmurs.

Super8 process and scan by On8mil.

13:07, .Mp4 format.

Please email me adelemreed@yahoo.co.uk to view.